Pornhub’s Wholesome Prince Ryan Creamer Closes Channel

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Oct 2020 08:47
Pornhub's Wholesome Prince Ryan Creamer Closes ChannelPornhub's Wholesome Prince Ryan Creamer Closes ChannelRyan Creamer/Pornhub

The most wholesome man on Pornhub, Ryan Creamer, has retired from his channel, ‘two years to the day’ after he uploaded his first vid.

On a site where raunchy videos abound, the comedian, actor, and CollegeHumor writer dared to be wholesome, bringing us content gems such as I Daydream About Her Smiling FaceI Cloud Gaze With Mia Malkova and I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances but Am Flattered Nonetheless.


His final vid for the site is the suitably silly The Money Shot, a short clip which sees Ryan brandish a $20 note with a characteristically cheery, ‘I got you something!’

Announcing his retirement on Monday, October 12, Ryan, who has often been referred to as ‘the Mr Rogers of Pornhub’, tweeted:

Today, two years to the day from when I started it. I am ending my Pornhub career. These videos added so much fun to my life, and I hope they did for you too. Thank you all for watching.


Many fans have expressed sadness at Ryan peacing out, with one person declaring:

You definitely put a smile on my face while actually looking for porn. Thanks for that.

Another bereft follower said:

At least I have the Wholesome Porn sweatshirt. And the memory of explaining Pornhub and wholesome porn to my aging mother.


Luckily, there are still 84 vids for loyal fans to peruse, and it looks as though you can still revisit clips such as Lucky Guy Gets The Ultimate Christmas Present (A Present) and POV Forehead Kiss Compilation to your heart’s content.

Back in February, Ryan spoke with UNILAD about his surprisingly comforting approach to making Pornhub content, a career detour that has seen him rack up 36.8K subscribers at the time of writing.

Inspiration struck when Ryan spotted a ‘Work With Us’ tab whilst browsing Pornhub ‘for its intended purpose’.


After clicking the link, he realised it would actually be pretty easy to get verified and decided to go for it. It took just 48 hours for him to get verified.

Ryan told UNILAD that his first ever vid, I Tuck You In After You Have Cum, remains his favourite, explaining:

It was the most pure and the one I did simply because it made me laugh. I love making each one but that one I have a lot of fondness for.

I’m wearing pyjama pants in it because it was just that much of a done on a whim kind of thing.


Good night and Godspeed to this sweet, wholesome prince of Pornhub.

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