‘Prison Bae’ Latest ‘Hot Felon’ To Become Model After Mugshot Goes Viral


In this beauty-obsessed world, it seems a smouldering mugshot can whisk people out of prison onto a fashion runway.

We’ve seen it in the case of the original ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks, and now there’s a new ‘prison bae’, going by the name Mr Lucky.

The apt name was chosen by Mekhi Alante Lucky who is lucky to have been snapped up by a modelling agency despite allegedly assaulting a woman, as well as breaking and entering.

Mr Lucky has avoided jail time and now, partly due to his heterochromia – which means he has two different coloured eyes – his mugshot has gone viral.

The 20-year-old has been arrested five times between April and December last year, reports the Mirror, on charges of speeding in a stolen vehicle, alleged assault on a female, alleged breaking and entering and allegedly resisting a public officer.

Photographer @christian__cody Styled by @demantistclaire

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Atlanta-based St Claire’s Modeling Agency liked his incredibly striking look and has employed him to model for numerous high end fashion shoots.

Since being introduced to the agency last week, Mr Lucky has gained around 24k followers.

Facebook/Jeremy Meeks

Perhaps, like Jeremy Meeks, we’ll see him on the New York Fashion Week catwalk and never committing a crime again.