Psychic Claims To Have Spoken To Celebrities Who Died In 2016, Reveals Truth Behind Their Passing

by : Tom Percival on : 20 Dec 2016 16:19

A ‘psychic’ has made the rather bold claim not only that he’s contacted the dead but that there’s a link between all of 2016’s celebrity deaths

Self described medium and psychic Joe Power has claimed, according to The Daily Star, that the spate of celebrity deaths in 2016 shouldn’t be treated as unrelated incidents.


Instead he believes that stars have become more vulnerable spiritually due to the pressures of fame and have begun to fall prey to their dangerous lifestyles.

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Speaking to The Daily Star Mr Power said: 

Four is the number of death and it was in the first four months of this year that we lost the most celebrities.

Plus all of their deaths fit into one of four categories: cancer, suicide, alcoholism or drug overdoses. Those categories say a lot about the lives celebrities lead and the pressure they’re under.


Mr Power’s premonitions go beyond making vague comments that could be applied to anyone though and he claims to have actually spoken to a number of dead celebrities including; Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Terry Wogan and many, many more.


David Bowie is supposedly at peace with his death after his tiring battle fighting cancer, Terry Wogan just wants to let his wife know she’s the most beautiful woman on Earth while Alan Rickman apparently spoke about how spiritually aware J.K Rowling was.

Power also believes he’s been contacted by both David Gest and Pete Burns both of whom knew their deaths were coming and made their peace with it.


The psychic went on to say that stars need to protect their spiritual health by not overworking themselves because exhaustion is what he called ‘spiritually corrosive’ and could damage both their physical health and ‘energy’.


As a final warning he said we can expect the dark days of 2016 to continue into the new year and beyond.

He said: 


Some of those who pass will of course have had good lives and it will be their time. But the spike in cancer, suicide, alcoholism and overdosing will extend until 2025.

Well I’ll look forward to 2026 then…

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