Rapper Criticises People Who Film Themselves Helping Those In Need As ‘Corny As F*ck’

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Mar 2021 08:52
Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Criticises People Who Film Themselves Helping Those In Need As 'Corny As F*ck'PA Images/RobAdcock/Twitter

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame has slammed people who film themselves helping others as ‘corny as f*ck’, pointing out that the footage could be humiliating to the person in need. 

Waka, whose real name is Juaquin James Malphurs, is all for helping others, however in a video which has surfaced online he explained that he would never record or take pictures of himself doing so.


In the video, shared by the Instagram account Rap, Waka addressed the camera while in a car and asked: ‘why would I catch a person at they lowest point in life? [sic]’

Waka Flocka FlameWaka Flocka/Instagram

Waka went on to explain that he doesn’t need ‘a visual of what [he] did right’, adding:

I got to experience it and that sh*t is the feeling, and that’s something you can’t take from me. You know what I’m saying? [Or] take from them.

That’s a real human trait. So, to see anybody marketing theyself [sic] feeding the homeless or feeding somebody that needs help, to me, you corny as f*ck, man.


It’s unclear whether Waka was reacting to anyone in particular, or whether he simply wanted to share a pet peeve of people filming generous acts, but he received support from Instagram users who agreed with his comments, with one writing: ‘Waka speaking straight facts as always.’

Waka Flocka FlameWaka Flocka/Instagram

Though Waka may not publicise his good deeds, he acknowledged his commitment to helping the less fortunate when he posted about receiving an honorary doctorate degree in philanthropy and humanitarianism.

In October 2020, he shared a video of himself receiving the degree, writing: ‘I got Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy and Humanitarianism… my work just beginning!!!’


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