Real Reason Leonardo DiCaprio Split With Long-Term Girlfriend Revealed


Leonardo DiCaprio has played a ladies man in many of his roles, but we always hoped he was more settled in real life.

Well it turns out that his girlfriend, model Nina Agdal, has called their relationship off because he’s not ready to settle down.

According to PEOPLE, the couple broke up a couple of days ago in an ‘amicable’ way.

DiCaprio and Agdal were together for a year and seemed to be getting quite serious, however a source has said ‘his friends knew it wouldn’t last.

The source said:

Leo thought Nina was a super cool girl. It almost seemed different this time because he was way more affectionate and public with her than he normally is, but his friends knew it wouldn’t last.

He’s not ready to settle down and just isn’t in the mindset to get married or have kids. It will happen one day, but it will really take someone special to make him go the distance.

He loves all the attention he gets from women.

It looks like he’s not so far from Jordan Belfort.

He’ll have to think about settling down soon at the ripe age of 42, if he wants any mini Leos.