Rihanna Hilariously Caught Giving No F*cks About Not Enjoying The Grammys


The 59th Grammy Awards were hard to watch at parts, like when Adele uncomfortably collected her fifth scoop, while Beyonce took only two.

But Rihanna needed some liquid courage to stomach the Adele-centric show last night, and she wasn’t trying to hide it.

In fact, numerous people on Twitter posted the photo of Ri Ri’s sassy side stare at the camera as it panned past her screwing the cap onto her diamante alcohol flask.

No shits were given as she sipped her spirit and gazed into the camera. One Twitter user described her as ‘that person who brings a flask to a ‘beer and wine only’ wedding’.

If Rihanna has a flask, of course it’s going to be studded with crystals.

She cares so little that she actually posted the video that looks like her mouthing ‘I think it’s time for another shot’, before taking a swig, to Instagram.

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She couldn’t handle Ed going on about Taylor anymore…

I don’t reckon she’s the first to sneak something stronger into the show, just the first to be so open about it.

Imagine how much funnier all the shit little jokes in speeches get after some shots…worth it.