Robin Williams Tears Into Donald Trump As Stand-Up Clip Resurfaces On Anniversary Of Death

by : Emily Brown on : 11 Aug 2020 09:55
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Robin Williams is continuing to make people laugh six years after his death, with a resurfaced clip showing him obliterating Donald Trump in a stand-up routine. 

The beloved comedian passed away in 2014, but his family, friends and fans have been recalling fond memories of him recently, prompted mostly by his birthday last month and the anniversary of his death today, August 11.


One of the clips doing the rounds is from a 2012 stand-up show where Williams discusses Donald Trump, who at the time would have been known mostly for being a businessman, rather than the President of the United States.

See the clip below:

The video starts with Williams comparing the Atlantic City boardwalk to ‘The Wizard of Oz on acid’, while Trump himself is ‘the wizard… he is the guy’.


Williams continued:

He plays Monopoly with real f*cking buildings, he’s a scary man.

The comedian went on to address comments Trump had previously made about his daughter Ivanka, saying: ‘This is a man who said, ‘My daughter is hot.’

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Williams joked: ‘Even people in Arkansas went, ‘that’s f*cking wrong. That’s just way out of place.’

In true fashion, the comedian went all in with his jokes as he went on to mock Trump’s hair, which was evidently just as strange then as it is today. The president’s platinum blonde locks protrude out over his forehead and appear stuck in place, so much so that Williams joked his hair had a mind of its own.

He said:

That f*cking hair, my God. I believe the hair is ‘the Donald’. I believe the body is a maintenance system for the hair – he goes home at night and [the hair] goes, ‘Ay f*ck it, let’s get out of here now.’

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The clip has been shared widely online in recent days, with many Twitter users commenting how much they miss the comedian.

Though many of the posts about Williams relate to his birthday and the anniversary of his death, this particular clip resurfaced after a tense exchange between Williams’ daughter, Zelda, and the president’s son, Eric.


Eric recently shared a clip of Williams making fun of Joe Biden, seemingly to mock Biden or to imply the comedian would have supported Trump in the presidential election – but Zelda was having none of it.

She responded to Eric to say he should ‘look up what [Williams] said about [his] Dad’, adding: ‘Promise you, it’s much more ‘savage’.

Zelda didn’t reference the exact comments Williams had made, but it seems likely she’s referring to the clip that has since gone viral.

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