Russell Brand Is Getting Slammed By Fans After Wild Conspiracy Video Goes Viral

by : Cameron Frew on : 28 Sep 2021 18:01
Russell Brand Is Getting Slammed By Fans After Wild Conspiracy Video Goes ViralAlamy

Russell Brand has been criticised by fans for spreading right-wing conspiracy theories in his latest video. 

The comedian is known for his videos discussing politics, typically with a left lean on current affairs. However, he’s recently seemed to turn the other way, with uploads about a ‘vaccine apartheid’ and one titled, ‘Think Biden couldn’t sink any lower? THINK AGAIN.’


Twitter users have honed in one video in which Brand alleges there’s ‘serious evidence’ that Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia, not Donald Trump, to create a ‘Democratic conspiracy.’ The full video is titled, ‘Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!’

Fans and other commentators have dismissed Brand’s claims, with one writing, ‘Cheers to all my comedian friends who are barely keeping it together but still haven’t lost their minds.’

Author Seth Abramson, who’s met Brand and spoken with him, also tweeted, ‘I’ve been interviewed by Russell Brand. I think Brand is generally smart and well-intended. I’m also certain that the sum total of his knowledge about the Trump-Russia scandal is dogsh*t. All that’s happened here is that Glenn Greenwald found another mark for his disinformation.’


Brand alleges that ‘Russiagate’ was a conspiracy driven by the Clinton campaign, seemingly stemming from one source which people have described as being written ‘from a very partisan viewpoint’, drawing a connection between Clinton and the indictment Michael Sussmann.

‘If you want a sense of how little Brand knows about the Trump-Russia scandal, understand that his recent video on it is predicated on having read Greenwald and nothing else. He *literally believes* a lawyer at the firm that was representing Clinton *manufactured* digital traffic,’ Abramson wrote.


‘But that’s not anything like what the indictment says or is about. The only allegation in the indictment is that Sussmann didn’t make clear whether he was representing a client or not in going to the FBI. It doesn’t say that he made up the Alfa Bank story, or that it wasn’t true,’ he added.

Others have teased Brand for ‘falling on hard times financially’ and making these videos as a result. ‘That Katy Perry alimony money finally ran out, huh?’ one wrote. ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall was great, but forgetting Russell Brand will be easy,’ another tweeted.

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