Ryan Reynolds Rejects Fan’s Hugh Jackman Portrait For The Most Brutal Reason

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Apr 2020 17:18
Ryan Reynolds Rejects Fan's Hugh Jackman Portrait For Most Brutal ReasonPA Images

When Ryan Reynolds decided to decline a fan when they offered him a portrait of Hugh Jackman, it wasn’t because it was a bad painting. 

In fact, if it had been a bad painting, Reynolds might actually have been more inclined to take it and use it to make fun of his long-time frenemy for years to come.


The two actors have been wrapped in a feud for what feels like forever, and in fact Reynolds recently claimed the war goes back generations, ‘for as long as there have been Jackmans and Reynoldses-es’.

Reynolds and JackmanPA Images

The paid did put their beef aside earlier this week in aid of the All In Challenge Foundation, which raises money towards charities such as No Kid Hungry and America’s Food Fund, but the truce only lasted for a day.

So now, in keeping with tradition, Jackman and Reynolds are back in action. While the insults of generations past may be lost forever, thanks to social media fans can now keep up to date with every single one of their quips.


The latest insult comes from Reynolds, who recently took to Twitter to promote an event for the charity Food Banks Canada. One fan quickly responded to the tweet, presumably in an attempt to get Reynolds’ attention, and his efforts actually paid off.

Paul Duncan, who describes himself on Twitter as a ‘photo realistic portrait artist’, tweeted Reynolds an incredible black and white picture of Hugh Jackman and said the painting was his if he wanted it.

Reynolds saw the response, but while he was highly complimentary of Duncan’s work, he joked that he’d only end up destroying Jackman’s detailed face if he accepted the offer.


The actor wrote:

You’re way too talented for me to hang your work on my dartboard. But seriously, that’s incredible.

Duncan also revealed he plans to create a similar painting of Reynolds in the future, so perhaps the Deadpool star will take that one, instead.


Alternatively, the artist might offer his painting of Reynolds to Jackman, and it could end up on a dartboard of its own.

Despite the fact Reynolds threatened to quite literally poke holes in his work, Duncan was more than happy with his response, and after thanking the actor for his kind words he assured he’d let him know when his own portrait was complete.

It’s unclear whether Hugh Jackman has spotted Ryan Renyolds’ latest dig, but I’m sure it won’t be long until he hits back with a taunt of his own. Evidently, the feud is well and truly back on.


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