Lil Nas X And Sam Elliott Dance Off Advert Is Being Called A Super Bowl Classic

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Jan 2020 17:19
Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott go head to head in Doritos adLil Nas X and Sam Elliott go head to head in Doritos adDoritos

Lil Nas X, Sam Elliott and Billy Ray Cyrus all appear in the Doritos Super Bowl commercial and the ad has been dubbed an instant classic. 

The advert sees the rapper and the actor go head-to-head in a cowboy town named Cool Ranch, but rather than draw guns they decide to settle things in a different fashion; with a dance off.


Lil Nas kicks things off with a wave of his arms, but Elliott quickly hits back by repeating the move with his moustache.

Check it out here:

The advert was teased earlier this month, when A Star Is Born actor Elliott gave an incredible rendition of Old Town Road. 


With his thick moustache, deep voice and Western drawl the 75-year-old star basically encapsulates the very essence of the American cowboy, and he’s had a number of roles to reflect as much.

The Quick and the Dead, Tombstone and The Big Lebowski spring to mind, though his recent venture into the wild wild west is one that will resonate with millennials everywhere.

Check out Elliott’s initial appearance here:


The clip shows the actor making his way through saloon doors in his spurred boots and cowboy hat before approaching the bar and being handed a drink.

Sam Elliott receives nervous looks from the other patrons as he begins reciting a monologue to the bartender, who doesn’t seem to have a clue what he’s talking about.

Young listeners would almost definitely catch on, however, as Elliot begins:

I got the horses in the back. Horse tack is attached.
Hat is matte black. Got the boots that’s black to match.

Sam Elliott growls his way through Old Town RoadSam Elliott growls his way through Old Town RoadDoritos/YouTube

The lack of music makes the song more difficult to recognise, but as the actor goes on it becomes clear he’s quoting Lil Nas X.

He continues:

Ridin’ on a horse, ha! You can whip your Porsche. I been in the valley. You ain’t been up off that porch, now.


Things start to get more personal as Elliott addresses the other saloon-goers and growls ‘can’t nobody tell me nothing’, before pointing at the bartender and saying: ‘You can’t tell me nothing’.

Sam ElliottSam ElliottPA Images

A beat of music begins to accompany the cowboy before he turns and makes his way back outside, to where we could only hope Billy Ray Cyrus would be waiting – and as it turned out, he was. He wasn’t keen on joining in the dance-off though, unfortunately.

The commercial will air at the upcoming Super Bowl on February 2.

Though there’s still some time to go before the game, the adverts that will air during the event are already being uploaded online in the hopes of getting more views.

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