Scarlett Moffatt Bedroom Selfie ‘Proves’ Ant McPartlin Affair, Fans Claim

by : UNILAD on : 03 Feb 2018 18:10

Fans are claiming Scarlett Moffatt has ‘proven’ in a selfie that she is in a relationship with Ant McPartlin.


In a world where celebrities can’t just be left to their own devices, eagle-eyed Instagrammers noticed something in the background of a recent snap from Scarlett.

Yes, that’s right, there’s a picture of Ant, Dec and Scarlett on her bedside table, and for some reason that means people are taking this as confirmation of a relationship between the two TV stars.

One fan wrote, ‘Look a picture of Scarlett and Ant in the background.’


Fans have been keen to see a kindling romance since Ant’s split with wife Lisa Armstrong, though it is all speculation at this point.

One fan wrote on Twitter:

Here’s a suggestion. Ant McPartlin and Scarlett Moffat should get together. What a beautiful couple. [sic]

Scarlett is also single after she split with her boyfriend Luke Crodden last year, and of course two single can’t just be single, there has to be some budding romance.

The two have worked together on Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celeb spinoff Extra Camp, but there is no real reason to think the two are romantically involved.

Scarlett responded simply saying the pic was ‘And and Dec and me dressed as Mary Poppins’.

In fact, a representative for Ant dismissed the speculation as ‘total b*llshit‘, so it just goes to show they’re not taking it very seriously.


Both Ant and Dec probably have other things to worry about, like the upcoming reboot of SM:TV Live.

Every 90s kid will remember SM:TV Live – and even if you weren’t a kid, you were probably guilty of watching because it was absolute TV gold!

It was a staple part of your Saturday routine watching Ant McPartlin, Declan Donnelly and Cat Deeley in their hilarious sketches, with an array of the biggest celebrity cameos – remember when Mariah Carey was in the Chums sketch?


Obviously, the latest news Ant and Dec have confirmed is going to make you feel so happy, excited and nostalgic all at once.

SM:TV Live was first shown on ITV on August 29, 1998, and ran for just over five years before its final broadcast on December 27, 2003.

Ant and Dec left in order to present another show you may remember – the one which made Will Young famous – remember him – yes Pop Idol!


Ant and Dec previously hinted at its return in May 2017, with Dec telling the Radio Times:

We’ve had first discussions about it and it looks like it’s going to go ahead.

Not this September, but August/September next year.


However, for the 20th anniversary episode, Ant added how there would be a few changes in store:

We can’t have the same studios unfortunately because it’s all been changed around, but we’ll get the team back together and have a bit of fun.


The trifecta of Ant, Dec and Cat are all definitely coming back for the show, but it’s likely that there will be an injection of new blood into the show for modern audiences – maybe Scarlett will continue her presenting career with another And and Dec special.

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