Scarlett Moffatt Had Secret Boyfriend Throughout Entire ‘Ant Affair’ Rumour


You can hardly blame Scarlett Moffatt from keeping her private life private after the past couple of weeks.

The former Gogglebox delight has been embroiled in a pretty nasty rumour, regarding the relationship she shares with Ant McPartlin, who recently announced he would be separating from his wife of 11 years, Lisa Armstrong.

While many have been criticising Moffatt, and calling her that oh-so archaic term ‘homewrecker’, with absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s anything romantic about her relationship with McPartlin, Scarlett will at least have the last laugh.


Turns out, she’s been dating someone else the whole time, and the sexist shamers are left with egg on their face, after fans claimed a recent selfie posted to Moffatt’s social media ‘proved’ she is in a relationship with Ant McPartlin.

In a world where celebrities can’t just be left to their own devices, eagle-eyed Instagrammers noticed something in the background of a recent snap from Scarlett.

There’s a picture of Ant, Dec and Scarlett on her bedside table, and for some reason that means people are taking this as confirmation of a relationship between the two TV stars.

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One fan wrote, ‘Look a picture of Scarlett and Ant in the background.’

Fans have been keen to see a kindling romance since Ant’s split with wife Lisa Armstrong, though it is all speculation at this point.

Scarlett and Ant have worked together on Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celeb spinoff Extra Camp, but there is no real reason to think the two are romantically involved.

Scarlett responded to the photographic ‘evidence’ of romantic ties simply saying the pic was ‘And and Dec and me dressed as Mary Poppins’.

In fact, a representative for Ant dismissed the speculation as ‘total b*llshit’, so it just goes to show they’re not taking it very seriously.

…Which makes sense when you consider the comedian from County Durham has actually been dating fitness model Lee Wilkinson (pictured below, far left), who she has known for more than 10 years, since they met up over Christmas.

A source told The Sun:

Scarlett hasn’t been concerned by the Ant speculation as she has been focused on her new relationship. She has always liked Lee but after making it in television and moving to London, Scarlett never expected to get together with him.

But after going back up north over the festive period they connected and have been in constant contact ever since. She is now living in the north again and it has enabled them to spend more time together, away from prying eyes.

Although said source is probably just as reliable as the people who found ‘evidence’ Scarlett and Ant were dating, at least this is some nice news for Moffatt.

Scarlett split with her boyfriend Luke Crodden last year.

Maybe she’ll be safe from the rumours now she has a partner – because single women are apparently gossip fodder, still, in this day an age.

*Eye roll*