Selena Gomez’s ‘Disgusting’ New Advert Has Fans Furious


Selena Gomez has done another advert and caused controversy all over again, this time instead of making light of global protests against inequality the company she’s working with has been accused of going to town on her with the Photoshop.

New York fashion house Coach shared pictures of their incoming spring collection on Instagram this week with Selena as the face of the brand, and her fans have cried foul branding her ‘barely recognisable’ in some of the shots.

One commenter raised the very logical question: ‘This Photoshop is completely unnecessary. Why would you get a celebrity to represent your brand if you don’t even want her to be recognisable?’

Another simply wrote: ‘How disgusting how can they find such disgusting disgusting Gomez’ – whatever that means.

Further criticisms included: ‘This is the most Photoshopped image of @selenagomez I have ever seen. So, so sad’ and ‘You are absolutely stunning, Selena. Never think that this is what you should look like.’

Another sharp-eyed fan pointed out:


Another commenter noted:

She looks soooo different

While the above pic got the comment:

Doesn’t even look like her!!

On the whole a lot of comments directed towards Selena Gomez were in the positive saying how good she looked in ways that I will never understand – commenting on someone you don’t know’s pictures on social media, really? – but what do I know.

Other comments were directed towards the handbag Selena was posing with and how much they wanted it.

But when you think about it we’re all talking about the heavily Photoshopped images of Selena, a handbag and the clothes she’s wearing by a fashion brand I could never afford to purchase. Just checked – £175 for a wallet. Wow.

So everyone’s a winner?