Seth Rogen Reveals New Weed Invention And Fans Love It

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Seth Rogen Reveals New Weed Invention And Fans Love It@Sethrogen/Twitter

Seth Rogen has proven once again he can do more than act as he unveiled a new weed invention to help take care of all of your joint-rolling needs. 

The 39-year-old Bad Neighbours star has long made clear that he’s a fan of kicking back with a spliff, having previously spoken out against the laws restricting the use of marijuana and encouraging Conan O’Brien to join him in spoking the ‘fine herb’.


Though it is now possible to purchase ready-made joints in some places, Rogen continues to roll his own joints – so much so that he came up with his new invention to accommodate his hobby.

Check it out below:


In his video, shared on Twitter, Rogen explained that ‘if you’re anything like’ him, you might roll ‘so many joints that you decide you have to invent your own rolling tray’.


The Canadian star showed off his invention as he demonstrated the purpose of each section of the tray, showing how it came equipped with a grinder that deposited the freshly-ground weed into a dedicated dip in the tray.

Once ground, users can turn to the paper-dispensing section of the tray to grab some filter paper before packing the joint and completing it with a filter from ‘your little filter holder’. After you’ve completed the assembly, users can enjoy the blunt without having to worry about dropping any ash, as the tray even comes with its own ashtray.

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Admittedly the tray does somewhat look like a glorified school dinner tray, with the various cup and food sections repurposed for the more grown-up activity, but it’s enough to excite a number of social media users who have praised Rogen for his invention.

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Responding to the actor’s video, one person wrote: ‘This was the best, most flawless marketing I’ve ever seen.’

Another commented: ‘to whoever is listening, this is what i want for christmas pls’.

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Many fans of the product have made it clear they want one for themselves, and luckily it seems they really will be able to get their hands on one as Rogen said the tray came ‘from HousePlant’, the cannabis company co-founded by Rogen.


The actor encouraged his followers to sign up to the HousePlant website for ‘early access’ to the tray, suggesting it actually could be given as a present at some point in the near future. As well as the upcoming rolling tray, the site is also home to various lighters, ashtrays and other accessories necessary to improve the weed smokers’ experience.

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