Sharon Stone Says Her Brain Surgeon Exploited Her When She Was Critically Ill

by : Hannah Smith on : 06 May 2021 08:24
Sharon Stone Says Her Brain Surgeon Exploited Her When She Was Critically IllGuild Film Distribution/PA Images

Sharon Stone has described how she was forced to fire a doctor about to operate on a life threatening brain bleed, after discovering he was taking advantage of her fame while she was being wheeled into surgery. 

The actor revealed the disturbing story during an appearance on Good Morning Britain to speak about her new autobiography The Beauty of Living Twice in which she writes about her experience after suffering the bleed in 2001.


Stone explained that during her time in hospital she was ‘very heavily medicated’, recalling that she ‘woke up on a gurney being wheeled to what an orderly told me was going to be exploratory brain surgery’.

Like most of us would be, Stone says she was shocked and confused, and asked the staff to stop so they could explain to her exactly what was going on. ‘I really felt that a bit of an explanation about brain surgery might be in order’ she told the GMB hosts.

As she fought to stop herself being put under without any explanation, Stone says her doctor ‘broke away from his publicity phone calls about’ to try and get her to lie back down, all the while waving a piece of paper he said was ‘a fax from PEOPLE magazine.’


‘Even while bleeding into my brain I realised this guy was nuts,’ she laughed, before adding seriously, ‘I realised I was going to have to fire him, because he was more interested in his fax from PEOPLE magazine than he was in exploring brain surgery.’

Sharon Stone says surgeon exploited her before brain surgeryPA Images

Stone eventually underwent successful surgery on the bleed, from which she says in her autobiography she was initially given a 1% chance of survival.

The shocking incident is not the only time Stone has been exploited by doctors under whose care she was supposedly under. In her book, the actress also reveals that another surgeon reconstructed her breasts a size larger without her consent during an operation to remove a number of tumours. Stone writes that after discovering the violation, the doctor told her ‘I’m certain you look better now.’


Stone’s new book previously made headlines after excerpts revealed that her most famous scene in Basic Instinct – in which she flashes officers during a police interview – was filmed without her full consent. She writes that the first time she realised her genitals were exposed was during a screening in a room full of people, adding ‘I went to the projection booth, [and] slapped [director] Paul [Verhoeven] across the face.’

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    'He was more interested in his fax from People magazine than he was in explaining brain surgery.'