Snoop Dogg Plays His Own Kids And Saves The Planet In Best Christmas Ad Of 2020

by : Saman Javed on : 18 Nov 2020 16:46

Snoop Dogg Plays His Own Kids And Saves The Planet In Best Christmas Ad Of 2020Soda Stream/YouTube

The list of Snoop Dogg’s achievements in life so far is already long, and now he’s ‘saved the planet’ too.

In the best Christmas advert of 2020 yet (yes, we’ve called it), the rapper invites viewers to join him in attaining true happiness, by believing that the ‘small things are the most meaningful’.

If you’d like to see him play his own daughter, watch the full advert here:



‘So this year, instead of throwing a big holiday party, I enjoy a simple dinner with my family,’ he says.

Snoop’s idea of a ‘simple dinner’ with his family is far from ordinary – the table is capable of serving a whole banquet of food – and the gingerbread house he makes towers above him, but the sentiment is there.

The advert wouldn’t be complete without a few references to the pandemic.


At the dinner table, when he asks his daughter to put her phone away, she tells him ‘he’s in school’. Later, Snoop says he add to cancel his yearly culinary trip, and instead enjoys baking at home.

The rapper has partnered with SodaStream, to promote the switch from single-use plastic bottles of sparkling water to the machine.


The soda machine turns still water to sparkling, by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder.


He tells viewers that one bottle of sparkling water made using SodaStream can save thousands of single-use plastic bottles as well as sea turtles.

Raising a glass at the end, he says: ‘I just saved the planet.’

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