Steve Carell Had The Best Response To People Calling Him A ‘Silver Fox’


Steve Carell is far from the awkward 40-year-old virgin we all knew him as with his new grey hair making him a viral sensation.

People are losing their minds over his distinguished transformation, hailing him a ‘silver fox’ and ‘George Clooney’s brother’.

You’d think the 54-year-old actor would bask in his renewed status, but he actually took a beautifully rational approach to the whole thing and questioned the superficial outlook.

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Essentially, The Office star slammed the public for objectifying him which is 100 per cent correct.

It’s not okay to objectify women for their looks so why do it to men?

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Carell expressed how he was uncomfortable with people picking on his physical attributes:

I am so sick of people looking at me for my physical attributes. It’s just genetic. There’s nothing I can do.

When pushed by the interviewer on his reaction to the public’s praises, Steve said he was ‘busting with pride’ and said it was ‘very nice’.

When asked what his wife, Nancy Carell, thought of his internet attention, Steve said:

She knows. She knows I think she’s hot and that’s all that matters.

Steve’s most recent film is Despicable Me 3 where he plays the reformed super-villain Felonious Gru.

He makes such a good point. We literally can’t help what we look like, so why all the hype?