Steve From Stranger Things Now Has Bowl Hair Cut

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Sep 2019 18:03
Steve from Stranger Things has a bowl cutSteve from Stranger Things has a bowl cutNetflix/PA Images

I have heartbreaking news for any fans of Steve ‘The Hair’ Harrington; the hair is no more. 


Don’t worry, it’s okay to be upset. The well-styled, slick, gravity-defying hair became something of an icon in Stranger Things and while Steve has a countless number of fans, I’m sure there were a few out there who were mostly in it for the hair.

Joe Keery, who evolved his dad-like character throughout the Netflix series, has sported the memorable locks since 2016, when the series began.

Joe Keery Stranger ThingsJoe Keery Stranger ThingsPA Images

The hair most recently appeared in the third season of Stranger Things which aired this year but Keery obviously decided to switch things up a bit once filming was out of the way.


We’re not talking about a little trim here, either. The 27-year-old was recently seen sporting a bowl cut, having cut his lengthy locks into what’s almost definitely a less time-consuming style.

Check it out:

Still, while he probably doesn’t have to spend ages in the morning ensuring his locks stay in place, fans aren’t too sure about the transformation.

Some have already started the mourning process, as one person tweeted:

can i have everyones attention please
we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of joe keery’s hair
you are gone but not forgotten
let us now take a moment of silence


Another opted for a meme-like response:

Even Lil Nas X appeared to weigh in on the conversation:

When I first saw the image of Keery’s new look, one person sprung to mind; Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things. I think the actor’s new hair is similar to the Jonathan’s – the very same man who swept Steve’s former girlfriend off her feet. Coincidence? I think not.

The new do also somewhat resembles Jonathan’s brother Will’s hair. I have a feeling Keery took his hair inspiration from his castmates while filming Stranger Things 3, though we’ll have to wait and see if he keeps the bowl cut for upcoming seasons of the sci-fi show.

Unfortunately for Keery I don’t think Steve ‘The Bowl’ Harrington has quite the same ring to it.

The actor doesn’t appear to have responded to messages from his heartbroken fans as of yet and it’s unclear exactly when he said farewell to his luscious locks, though he did share a photo last month of two people with bowl cuts, joking it represented himself and his girlfriend, Maika.

I’m sure true fans will grow to love his new look, though Keery may decide to change it again before long.


You know what they say; hair today, gone tomorrow.

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