Steve Irwin Wears Khaki Outfit While Surfing Before Grabbing Snake In Iconic Resurfaced Video

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 29 Aug 2021 16:06
Steve Irwin Wears Khaki Outfit While Surfing Before Grabbing Snake In Iconic Resurfaced Videorollsyrollsy/Reddit

Fans can’t get enough of recent footage which has surfaced of Steve Irwin surfing in his legendary khaki, before he then grabs a live snake. 

Naturally, where Steve Irwin is involved, khaki and snakes are too. In a recently shared video, the Australian zookeeper, wildlife expert and TV personality left the internet mesmerised over his decision to keep his khaki shorts and shirt combo on, while going for a dip and surf in the sea.


However, upon his arrival back to shore, Irwin comes face-to-face with what most would view as a nasty surprise.

Aussie adventurer Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter during a photocall at London Zoo to promote his new movie The Crocodile Hunter. -Myung Jung Kim/PA Archive/PA ImagesPA

Irwin can be heard in the video saying how they are ‘over here looking for hot snakes and hot surfs’.

Irwin is then seen surfing some pretty impressive waves, while dressed in his traditional khaki outfit, of course.


However, in his swim back to shore Irwin exclaims: ‘Ah how’s this, there’s a venomous snake sharing our surf spot!’ He then proceeds to dive underwater and casually grab the snake, placing it on top of his board, telling the camera to ‘have a look at this’.

‘And this is what I love about surfing in Indonesia. Sitting out here, waiting for the waves to come and then this beautiful, big girl comes up as if to say ‘G’day Stevo! Have a look at me!” Irwin concludes.

The post has since amassed almost 60,000 upvotes and plenty of comments, with other Reddit users sharing their amusement at the star’s escapades. One said: ‘Seeing a surfer wearing a UPS uniform isn’t that funny. Steve Irwin wearing his gator wrestling get-up while surfing (quite adeptly) and then jumping off to grab a snake out of thin water is hilarious.’


Another wrote:

He was born in khakis, he bathes in them, sleeps in them. Every few months he would shed them as they got to small, and reveal the new set he had grown underneath.


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A third commented: ‘The socks and shoes killed me.’

The post acts as a heart-warming tribute to the well-known and loved Aussie star as it approaches the 15th anniversary of Irwin’s passing. The animal-lover tragically died aged 44 on September 4, 2006, after being stung by a stingray in the Great Barrier Reef.


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    Of course Steve Irwin shreds in khaki. Should have guessed.