Student Skives School To Hang Out With Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Student Skives School To Hang Out With Lin-Manuel MirandaAlamy/@TWareStevens/Twitter

A lucky student found the perfect way to skive off his history class by hanging out with the creator of historical musical Hamilton.

Luke Stevens should have been learning about the Bill of Rights in his US history class at Centennial High School in Roswell, Georgia. Instead, he was getting an education from Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and lead star of the award-winning musical Hamilton.


Tamara Stevens, Luke’s mother, had told his teacher he wouldn’t be in school for the day because Miranda would be visiting their home.

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It took more than that to convince Luke’s teacher, however, because as reasons for skiving off school go: ‘the creator of one of the most famous musicals of all time is coming to my house’ sounds a little too good to be true, especially when that musical just so happens to cover the part of history you’re supposed to be learning about that day.

Fortunately, Miranda cleared up any confusion by making a video for the teacher to prove he really was visiting the Stevens family and reassured her that he was helping teach Luke about the Bill of Rights himself.


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He explained: ‘Ms Rosner, this is Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’m sorry [Luke] can’t be in US history class right now but he’s with me. We’re gonna go over Bill of Rights and anything you may be covering right now.

‘We cover a lot in about two-and-a-half hours of Hamilton, but we’re gonna go over it in specifics now. So this is not lost time, thank you for excusing him from class.’

A huge fan of the Hamilton star, the teacher was overjoyed to learn one of her students really was spending time with Miranda and said she would be using songs from the musical to teach her next US history class.


Miranda was in town attending a fundraiser for Luke’s mother, aiming to raise money for the Black Voters Matter Fund and the New Georgia Project.

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