Sylvester Stallone Says He’s Still In Contact With His Turtles From Rocky

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 23 Aug 2021 10:09
Sylvester Stallone Says He's Still In Contact With His Turtles From Rocky@officialslystallone/Instagram/UnitedArtists

Writer and star of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone, has claimed to still be in contact with his turtles from the franchise, even after all these years.

The actor took to Instagram to post a picture of him and two turtles along with a caption that suggested they were the same turtles that featured in the 1976 film all those years ago.


In the post, Stallone revealed just how old Cuff and Link, his ‘original buddies from the first Rocky‘ would actually be.

However, Stallone‘s caption on his post – originally uploaded in 2018  – has since been outed by internet users as being misleading.

Fans took to a Reddit thread after receiving a tip that the turtles pictured were frauds. Popsugar claims the turtles were not the film’s originals but new turtles provided for CREED II by Briar Bush Nature Center in Abington.


Katie Fisk, environmental educator and animal curator, confirmed to Popsugar that the centre provided the turtles for the film.

However, Stallone’s ‘original buddies’ Cuff and Link could easily still be alive and well. According to Fisk, the species can live up to a whopping 75 years in captivity, which would mean the original stars are, as Stallone noted, well into their forties.

The Reddit thread looking into the turtles’ true identities amassed over 30,300 votes, and 391 comments, with fans sharing their thoughts on the sneaky potential duplicates. One said: ‘Guys, in this picture he is on the set of a movie. He brought the turtles with him, so they are in a temporary tank. That is not the tank they normally live in.’


Another commented:

If I had two turtles that were part of a life changing event like “Rocky”, their tank would have its own address, and it would be fully stocked with snacks and turtle h*es.

A third wrote: ‘Except this isn’t cuff and link. These two are lies and deception such as OP’s title.’

However, while these two reptiles may not be the Rocky originals, Stallone did reportedly keep Butkus, a bull mastiff who appeared in Rocky and Rocky II.


The Daily Mail reported Stallone was allegedly forced to sell the dog at the time, due to not being able to afford him, but later bought him back for $15,000.

While the two turtles’ identities remain somewhat of a mystery, Cuff and Link would indeed have a long stint of their life still left to live. Perhaps you’ll even spot them floating around in the background of the next film about a boxing champion.

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