Take That Once Covered Smells Like Teen Spirit And It Was F*cking Sh*t


When it comes to classics, whether it’s films or music, people usually say, leave them the f**k alone!!!

I can’t think of the amount of times I’ve heard covers and my ears have literally bled.

I’ll refresh your memory for you:

Limp Bizkit doing The Who’s ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ – just NO.

Avril Lavigne doing John Lennon’s Imagine – HELL NO!

And maybe the worst? Well I think I’ve just stumbled across it!


It involves manufactured maniacs Take That and grunge-lords Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain, if you’re watching over us – I apologise on behalf of these s**t bags!

‘The song that blew up the world’ according to Rolling Stone Magazine, the 1991 release, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.


That’s right – Take That, covering ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, has literally made me shudder, cringe and throw up all at once!

Who on earth thought it would be OK for that ‘band’ to cover such an important and powerful record, whilst, may I add, playing along to it!

Sorry to inflict this embarrassment on you, but it’s one of those dreadful things you just have to experience for yourself!

Gary Barlow and co, can I just add, what the f**K were you thinking?