Texts Show Jeremy McConnell ‘Begging Fan Not To Release Cocaine Video’

by : Francesca Donovan on : 14 Dec 2016 16:29

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It’s been a pretty tumultuous 2016 for the contestants of Celebrity Big Brother, but none have experienced the highs and lows of a life lived in the public eye like Jeremy McConnell.

The Irish model and reality TV nobody has recently been embroiled in yet another drugs scandal, as a member of the public threatened to release footage of McConnell allegedly taking cocaine in a night club.


Jake Jones contacted the media claiming to have incriminating footage and offering to leak it online, asking for a fee.


It would appear that McConnell contacted Jones, pleading with him to keep the clip private.

The messages, which are allegedly from McConnell, read:


What are you playing at. Iv paid you before & Uv said you delted video from phone.

The eat me alive if you send them it…please dont!!!! (sic).


However, there is no proof that Jeremy took drugs and a representative for him said, ‘Jeremy has never spoken to this guy in his life and those are fake messages’.

McConnell has since cut off whatever contact he had with Jones on social media and blocked him from Twitter.



McConnell entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last year after appearing on MTV‘s Beauty School Drop Outs, alongside the likes of Scarlett Moffatt.

Within the strict confines of the house, and under the watchful surveillance of viewers, McConnell met and struck up a romantic relationship with Hollyoaks actress, Stephanie Davis.

She has since fallen pregnant with a child she claims to be McConnell’s.


He denies paternity and has publicly called for a DNA test. The couple are now estranged. It seems McConnell’s life has spiralled into public scandal after scandal, with no respite offered by the public.

Being stuck in the confines of the Big Brother house probably looks like a walk in the park now, in comparison with the music he faces in the real world since his departure.

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