The Rock Gets Stuck In A Sports Car While Filming New Movie Red Notice

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 16 Nov 2020 09:42
The Rock Got Stuck In A Sports Car While Filming New MoviePA Images/therock/Instagram

Dwayne Johnson hilariously got stuck in a sports car while filming his upcoming movie Red Notice.

The 6ft 4 actor was asked to get inside a Porsche by the film’s director, Rawson Thurber, but he soon discovered he was too big for the car.


Explaining that he was struggling to fit in the silver sports car, Thurber thought the Rampage actor was joking. Apparently the expensive car had been shipped over to the US specifically for the film.

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Johnson took to Instagram to tell his 203 million followers about the hilarious ordeal. He wrote, ‘Aaaaand guess who’s too big to fit in yet another sports car and now we have to change the entire shot sequence around [sic].’

He continued:


For our @netflix globe trotting heist movie, RED NOTICE, my writer/director @rawsonthurber (pictured here on the ground setting up the new camera angle) wrote this INSANE chase sequence where I hop in this iconic Porsche and be the bad ass behind the wheel that I am.

Well, after months of prep and costs [money] buying and shipping this car over to the states – it’s time to rehearse the big chase sequence.


Johnson then gave a breakdown of how the awkward conversation with Thurber went after discovering he was struggling to fit inside the car.

Describing himself as a ‘big ass brown marshmallow’, the 48-year-old wrote:


Rawson: Hey D, let’s get you in the Porsche and I’ll line up the shot.

DJ: Let’s do it.

* DJ attempts to get into the car only to get stuck because his back is a bit too wide.

Rawson: * laughs.

* DJ continues to struggle trying to shimmy into this Porsche like a big ass brown marshmallow getting shoved into a coin slot.

Rawson: Wait can you fit?

DJ: No.

*Rawson now nervously laughs.

Rawson: Are you f*cking with me?

DJ: No.

Rawson: Oh my God.

Dwayne JohnsonPA

Fortunately Johnson, Thurber and the rest of the crew went on to see the funny side of things. Johnson added, ‘After about 15 seconds of uncomfortable silence… Rawson, myself and the entire crew just started laughing our asses off!!’

Despite not being able to fit in the tiny sports car, they were still able to get the shots they wanted, but had to be more ‘creative’ with how they did so.


Can you imagine being that stacked you couldn’t fit inside a Porsche…

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