This Ariana Grande Lookalike Has Been Confusing The Singer’s Fans

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Yes, it’s another celebrity doppelganger but this one really is worth a look. And probably a second one at that.

Jacky Melissa Vasquez has become Instagram-famous for looking so strikingly like Break Free singer Ariana Grande it has started to confuse her fans.


The likeness between the 20-year-old waitress from Virginia and the pop star is so uncanny, many people struggle to tell them apart.

The lookalike has 189k followers on Instagram, one of which is Ariana herself, who actually commented on a photo saying that her cousin had mistaken Jacky for her.

Look at the resemblance! 


Jacky said:

People started to tell me I looked like Ariana back in 2010 when she starred in Victorious on Nickelodeon.

Ever since then I realised how much I do look like her.


Jacky went on to say:

People stare at me in the street and I can sometimes hear her name being mentioned in strangers’ conversations because they think I’m her.

Ariana came to DC in 2015 and so many fans asked for a photo with me – I was dressed just like her which didn’t help, but I was more than happy to pose for them.

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Jacky has received numerous negative and hateful comments from cyber-bullies, but most people are just taken-aback by the resemblance.


The Instagramer said:

Some people might get annoyed by all the attention, but I am completely flattered when people say I look like Ariana.

She’s a hardworking, talented beautiful young woman and I know so many girls would love to look like her.

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The similarity is nuts!

So Jacky is above, and Ariana below…

Just to top off the comparison, she posted a photo with half her face and half Ariana…

Jacky is pretty proud of her resemblance to Ariana, but this may have turned to shame after the popstar described herself as ‘cute’ and the ‘hardest working 23-year-old’ on Instagram yesterday.

Face palm.

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