This Mega-Mansion David Beckham Wants To Buy Looks Insane

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The Beckhams have never really been afraid to splash the cash and who can blame them?


David and Victoria are one of the world’s richest couples, having respectively carved careers in football, music and fashion and with their kids starting to seriously grow up they’re looking for a glamorous move to a California mega-mansion.

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According to The Daily Star, The Manor, in LA’s Holmby Hills, is on the top of their property wish after they put their £24m Bel Air home on the market.

Apparently they had ‘outgrown’ their 13,000 square foot mansion and wanted to get a few more obvious necessities for their family.

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They include a dancing studio for five-year-old Harper, a hang out for Brooklyn and his pals, a dedicated recording space and music room for Cruz, as well as a catwalk for Victoria’s fashion work.

And of course the couple want big enough gardens need to kick a ball about, oh and a SoulCycle spinning studio too- they don’t ask for much.

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So it seems this 14 bed, 27 bathroom (27!?) £160m property (yeah, houses can actually be worth that much) ticks all the boxes.

According to a property insider, the Beckhams are keen on The Manor as it bears somewhat of a resemblance to their former residence in Hertfordshire which was dubbed ‘Beckingham Palace’.

They told the Daily Star Sunday:


The Manor has everything the Beckhams are looking for. Victoria and David are so famous they don’t need to worry about living somewhere to ‘be seen’ – in fact it’s more the opposite.

Posh wants grandeur to entertain the world’s elite. She loves the Manor as she said it reminded her of Beckingham Palace.

They added that the family were keen for a move as their kids’ needs have ‘totally changed’ since they bought the Bel Air property back in 2007.

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Considering the pair were worth an estimated £508 million last year, this wouldn’t even touch the sides of their combined fortune so it would be no surprise if they did decide to take The Manor off the market.

From doing a quick calculation, it would take me over 7,600 years to even save for this so I’m not even going to play the ‘better start saving’ card.


This is simply out of reach for us mere mortals.

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