TikTok Star Admits She Made Up Kanye West And Jeffree Star Rumours

by : Cameron Frew on : 09 Jan 2021 17:14
TikTok Star Admits She Made Up Kanye West And Jeffree Star RumoursTikTok Star Admits She Made Up Kanye West And Jeffree Star Rumoursavalouiise/Instagram/PA Images

The TikTok star who started the rumour about Kanye West’s alleged affair with Jeffree Star has admitted she made the whole thing up. 

Reports recently emerged that after seven years of marriage, Kim Kardashian is filing for divorce from West, with whom she shares four children.


Ava Louise, a TikToker who once licked a toilet seat on an airplane in an attempt to start a ‘coronavirus challenge’, sparked speculation that West had been ‘hooking up’ with Star. Now, she’s revealed the whole story is bullsh*t.

@realavalouiisei was gunna wait to expose myself but clout chasing locals I thought were my Friends wanna do it first 💅🏻 lame♬ original sound – Ava Louise

In a recent video which has already been viewed nearly 620,000 times, Ava shared a voice note which explained: ‘I’m not even getting sued, I made this entire scandal up. There’s literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said.’


In an earlier video, Ava claimed the Kardashians had threatened legal action after ‘spilling the tea’, also saying: ‘Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. A lot of people in the scene have known for a while.’

@realavalouiisei can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred …. my source is legit I promiss♬ original sound – Ava Louise

The TikToker continued in her admission that she’d ‘tricked’ the world into talking about her again ‘because I was on a lot of Adderall and I was bored. We all had fun though didn’t we? You’re welcome for the memes.’


Ava has been criticised in the comments for starting the rumour, especially considering the couple have children together. However, two things to note: she claims she made $15,000 in three days from the fake story; and anyone who licks a toilet seat during a pandemic for clout clearly doesn’t care what people think.

She said: ‘My Adderall wore off and I got tired of going along with it, it was getting boring like sorry Jeffree.’

Star played around with the rumour for a while, responding to memes and even posted a photo in a robe with the caption: ‘I’m ready for Sunday Service.’ However, he later officially denied it in a YouTube video.


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