Tom Hanks’ Son Chet’s Response To Trump Losing Election Is Going Viral

by : Julia Banim on : 08 Nov 2020 10:47

When you think about Tom Hanks, your mind will no doubt instantly be drawn to a nostalgic realm of ’90s romantic comedies, or indeed to his trove of inspiring weepies about characters overcoming obstacles against all odds.

A benevolent figure with a kindly voice and gentle air, you couldn’t imagine Hanks letting rip with a stream of expletives, with the 64-year-old actor being a warm beacon of calm in a chaotic world.


Hanks’s son, Chet, however, is a different kettle of fish, and his reaction to the 2020 presidential election results was the least Hanks-esque outburst you could imagine.

You can watch Chet’s unusual reaction for yourself below:

Taking to Instagram with the warning, ‘Sorry I had to,’ Chet made his feelings about President Donald Trump losing out on his re-election crystal clear.


The video, which has since gone viral, begins in a fairly normal fashion, with Chet addressing fans in what appears to be his normal speaking voice.

However, he then launches into a fairly unconvincing Jamaican accent, an impression that has previously baffled and mortified Hanks fans watching the Golden Globes back in January.

Apparently unperturbed by the mockery that ensued following his previous attempt at patois, Chet declared:

Hey guys, I just want to say that now Trump’s leaving office, I think it’s important to remember that he was the President and so we should show some res…pyche! P*ssyclaat. F*ck them rass.


Bewildered doesn’t even begin to cover the feeling of seeing the offspring of one of the most beloved Hollywood actors project such a astonishingly different vibe to their overwhelmingly wholesome parent.

One perplexed individual point blank insisted, ‘I refuse to believe Tom Hanks raised him,’ while another sympathised, ‘Tom Hanks is probably thinking that island he was stranded on in Castaway is starting to look really appealing right now.’


30-year-old Chet – born Chester Marlon Hanks – also goes by the rapper name, Chet Haze. His previous musical offerings have included a remake of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow, with the track renamed White and Purple in a nod to the colours of his alma mater, Northwestern University.

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