TOWIE’s Kate Wright Is Being Savagely Bullied For Having ‘Finger Toes’


People are savaging Towie’s Kate Wright’s ‘finger toes’ on Instagram and it’s cruel AF. 

The reality TV star shared a snap to Instagram of herself posing on the rocks in an orange swimsuit, but unfortunately for her, it wasn’t her outfit people were commenting on…

To add to the embarrassment of the situation, Kate had obviously spent a while perfecting her pose, but instead it was her toes grabbing everyone’s attention.

Nonchalant …. ??

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She positioned herself in front of the camera, looking out to sea, with her hair ready to flick and her toes in the front of the frame, clinging onto the rocks.

However, people were quick to pick up on her ‘long’ toes, calling them ‘fingers’ and cruelly comparing them to sausages…

One quipped:

Why the long toe?

Another savagely added:

Them trotters jeez that big toe looks like a saveloy sausage.

And another contributed with:

This would of been such a nice photo but those toes.

Obviously others just had support for Kate in her bikini and told her to ditch the haters.

Another day, another @misspap bikini ??☀️ use code ??KATEW10?? for a discount …link in my bio ??

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One joked:

Those saying that her toes have put you off… Hilarious thinking you’d actually have a shot with her.

And another gushed:

Ignore em girl, they are that sad have to find something to talk about!! You look amazing.

Holiday dreaming … ?????☺️

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I suppose the argument in this instance would be don’t post your toes on Instagram if you don’t want to get savaged.

But still… no excuse for trolling though is there. People can be so mean…