‘Ugly Ducklings’ Post Photos Of What They Look Like Now


Puberty and growing into your skin is quite an incredible thing if these photos are anything to go by…

A set of unbelievable photos have emerged online, after people posted pictures showing their miraculous transformation from ‘ugly ducking’ to ‘majestic swan.’

Insanely different photos in the Mirror, show ‘before’ their transformation and then after puberty has done its thing.


Some of these Reddit users are completely unrecognisable from their original photos, making their ‘after’ revelations, all the more shocking.

After these brave internet users have cast aside the taboos and freely posted themselves for all to see, many other Reddit threads have started to pop up, dedicated to the cause.


The ‘Ugly Duckling’ phrase is an ancient one, strangely, from a dark fairytale dating back to the 1800s.

It’s about a little duckling who is, by standards of the day, deemed to be ‘ugly’ by all he meets, until one day he turns into a beautiful swan.


So nowadays we have ‘ugly duck syndrome’ where people believe they start off in life as ‘ugly’ and grow into much better looking human beings in later life.

Apparently even Nicole Scherzinger claims she suffered from this…


It seems pretty hard to believe considering how much she is famed for the way she looks these days…

However despite all this, she allegedly described herself as a ‘geek in high school.’


A lot of people may feel they can relate to this so-called ‘syndrome,’ looking back over their teenage years.

As back then we didn’t have hair straighteners, make-up and train-track braces were a regular part of pubescent life.


It’s really reassuring that lots of other people feel like they’ve ‘gone through’ this stage of life and come out the other side.

Although some may argue does it really matter at all what we look like?


Perhaps not and perhaps we shouldn’t all be so obsessed with the way we look in society.

Well done to these guys for not caring what other people think though and sharing their old, embarrassing photos for us all to enjoy.