Wayne Rooney Drink-Drive Girl Reveals What Coleen Said When She Rang Her

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The girl who Wayne Rooney was caught drink-driving home in Cheshire on Saturday has revealed what his wife Coleen said to her in a tense five-minute phone call.


Following a ten-hour alcohol fuelled bender, office worker Laura Simpson claimed her and Rooney kissed and hugged before he offered to drive her home in her Volkswagen Beetle.

The Everton star’s pregnant wife, Coleen, was on holiday in Majorca and messaged Laura on Instagram before calling her for a blow-by-blow account of what happened.

Here’s an interview with Helen Wood, the prostitute Wayne Rooney previously cheated on Coleen with…

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Speaking to the Sun, Laura said:

She was polite. She asked whether my car was parked outside the nightclub.

I told her it wasn’t and that it was outside a friend’s house and we had got a taxi to it.

She asked, ‘Was your car not outside the front?’

I told her the truth, that it wasn’t and that we had left in a cab together to get my car which was parked outside a friend’s.

I apologised to her and she said, ‘You have nothing to say sorry for’.


Coleen also quizzed Laura on claims Wayne had ogled at her boobs, asking if they were real and saying he would ‘like to get my hands on them’.

The Everton striker was out in Cheshire to give former Man United star Wes Brown a send off before he left to play in India with Rooney reportedly dancing on tables, singing Oasis songs.


The footballer was reportedly three times over the limit and spent several hours in custody before being released on bail. He is due to appear at Stockport Magistrates Court on September 18.

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    Party girl at centre of Wayne Rooney drink-driving shame reveals angry Coleen called her demanding answers on their boozy night together