Weird Theory Behind Why Kylie Jenner Is Suddenly Pregnant


No matter your opinions on the Kardashians, you definitely have opinions on the Kardashians – they have an undeniable ability to generate publicity.

Last night the world discovered that Kylie Jenner is probably pregnant and it has generated a huge amount of interest.

But Twitter users with a TV guide have worked out that the timing of the TMZ leak works out pretty well for the Kardashians:

Only the Kardashians could time a pregnancy with the 10-year-anniversary of the reality show that launched them to worldwide superstardom.

If it wasn’t such a contrived piece of self promotion you could almost be impressed by just how good the Kardashian family are at what they do.


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I mean nobody is sure what they actually do – despite the fact they document their every movement on television and social media.

Still people are pretty impressed with this latest move:

In Kylie’s defence she does sell make-up or something and have nearly 100m followers on Instagram which is a powerful platform for advertising – she gets great engagement on her posts too.

With the timing of this announcement you have to wonder whether the family are taking advantage of some fortuitousness timing with Kylie’s pregnancy or whether she has actively been trying to get pregnant so that the announcement fell just before the 10th anniversary of the show.


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Of any other family that would be an absolutely bizarre thing to even consider – getting pregnant for publicity – but this is no normal family.

They also have some fans who don’t fit the mould of normal fans:

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What do you think, is this a coincidence or have the Kardashian’s planned a perfectly-timed publicity masterstroke?