Will Smith Denies Giving Tyrese $5 Million To Help Pay Legal Fees


Reports Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, donated $5 million to actor Tyrese Gibson, to help pay for legal fees in a bid to get access to his daughter, have been refuted by a source ‘close to the family’.

It seems the troubled Fast & Furious star has been telling some tall tales, despite taking to Instagram to thank Will and Jada for helping him out.

However, it seems The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air hasn’t given any such donation, to the singer-turned-actor.


According to TMZ, a source, who is ‘directly connected’ to the Hollywood power couple, said ‘it simply isn’t true’:

Our Will and Jada sources say they did not give Tyrese any money at all.

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Tyrese to say the least – amid his legal battle with his daughter’s mother, he’s also engaging in a very public spat with Fast co-star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.


Just recently, Tyrese made a very emotional online video, claiming his ex-wife, Norma Lee Gibson, placed a restraining order on him, preventing him from seeing his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla – who he hasn’t seen for two months.

This has reportedly resulted in an ongoing and seemingly expensive legal battle.

In the video, he also claims his so-called ‘rich friends’ weren’t coming to his aid.

During his emotional post, Tyrese says:

They’re not able to tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones, between the criminals and the men of God.

The Muslims, the Jews, the Christians, the men that wake up every day… to focus on one thing.

He begs, to whoever is listening – presumably his ex-wife – ‘please don’t take my baby, OK?’.

He goes on to say:

There ain’t nobody showing up for me.

I’ve got all these millionaire friends, I’ve got billionaire friends. I’ve been there for you, why is nobody there for me?

Putting this kind of emotionally charged video can go either two ways and in the case of Tyrese, it backfired – many took it as an opportunity to kick a man when he’s down.


King of all trolls – and general sh*t-stirrer for ‘the bants’ – 50 Cent led the wave in merciless online insults:

??This one made me laugh, who ever made this is good. LOL

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It did seem things were on the up for the Fast actor when he took to social media to reveal Will and Jada had donated a hefty sum of $5 million.

Tyrese took to Instagram, posting pictures of him and Will with a caption saying:

When we show UP for each-other there’s nothing that can’t be done, I️ repeat, nothing.

My wife kept the news away from me ’cause I’ve been on with lawyers all day but our family and our sister Jada-Pinkett Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us five million dollars to help keep us afloat.

You’ve guys [sic] asked me to get off and stay off the internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid! Will listen. The Smiths’s [sic] and their whole family, has always shown up for The Gibson’s [sic] Uncle Will you’re an uncle for real.

However, with the new revelation Will and Jada did in fact, not give the money, it only poses more questions.

Who gave Tyrese the $5 million? Was there any $5 million to begin with? Why – assuming he did – lie about Will and Jada giving him this amount of money?

We’ll keep you updated as the story develops.