‘World’s Hottest Felon’ Reveals Insane Amount He Now Earns Every Month

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Oh wow, Jeremy Meeks is making a hell of a lot of cash each month if the claims made by his ex-wife are anything to go by.

Melissa Meeks is said to be demanding her share of Jeremy’s income.

Her own income lands her $10k a month, with expenses coming to $11k, while ‘World’s Hottest Felon’ Jeremy on the other hand, is reportedly raking in a whopping $1 million each month.

Stockton Police Department

Melissa is basing this on his modeling contracts though is yet to see any of Jeremy’s paperwork.

The former felon is now dating Topshop heiress Chloe Green and Melissa claimed to have found out his fidelity through pictures plastered all over the Internet.

In a move colder than the break-up text, Jeremy Meeks – who has over 30 convictions, a number of which are for violent felonies – shared pictures to Instagram from the coast of Turkey, where the 33-year-old model was holidaying with Chloe Green, of the Green fashion empire, on a £12,000 a week charter yacht.

Meanwhile, Melissa Meeks, his wife of eight years who supported him throughout his criminal rehabilitation, was tracked down to the family home in Manteca, California, being comforted by her sister, where she confirmed the long-standing couple were ‘still married’.

The 38-year-old vocational nurse was initially too distraught to comment but later spoke to press as she left work at a juvenile detention centre in Oakland, California, reports the Daily Mail.

Her sister, 43-year-old Michelle, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was more forthright and when asked if she knew about Meeks’ dalliance with Green, answered: 

Yes and I don’t care. I don’t care at all.

Things have somewhat changed.

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Reports claim Meeks has been ‘in and out of courtrooms most of his life’ for a range of offences.

The highlights reel includes resisting arrest, negligent driving and identity theft – in 2002 he was arrested for beating a 16-year-old boy ‘to a pulp’.

Local police described him as ‘one of the most violent criminals’ in Stockton, California and Meeks himself admitted heavy involvement with local gangs – now however, he insists he’s turned his life around – a pretty picture of reformation – with the help of his good looks.

Meeks was dubbed the ‘Blue Eyed Bandit’ when his mugshot was released by Stockton Police Department and upon his release, a six-figure modelling contract was handed straight to him.