WWE Superstar Lacey Evans Tries To Use Her Celebrity Status To Get Out Of Speeding Ticket

by : Emily Brown on : 23 Sep 2019 14:17
WWE superstar Lacey Evans tries to use celebrity status to get out of speeding ticketMiguel Discart/Flickr/Twitter

Lacey Evans is a WWE superstar – and she wants everyone to know it – but unfortunately her celebrity status wasn’t enough to get her out of a speeding ticket. 

The 29-year-old, whose real name is Macey Estrella-Kadlec, signed with the WWE Performance Center in 2016 and debuted on Raw in 2018.


Though most wrestling fans will know this already, it’s information one Canadian police officer was apparently lacking when he pulled Evans over for allegedly speeding in Edmonton, Alberta, where a WWE Live! show took place on Saturday night (September 21).

Take a look at what happened here:


In true Canadian fashion the police officer remained relatively polite and friendly throughout the exchange but the WWE star decided to air her frustrations by unleashing her wrestling personality in full force.


In the footage, which Evans recorded and shared on Twitter, the 29-year-old can be heard saying ‘are you serious right now?’ as the officer approached her car.

He explained he was giving her a violation ticket for speeding but Evans cut him off to wave her celebrity card, responding ‘do you know who I am?’

The cop admitted he didn’t know who she was, so the wrestler wasted no time in informing him.


She responded:

Well I’m Lacey Evans and I do not rate that ticket.

WWE superstar, you should know exactly who I am.

The poor officer really got the brunt of Evans’ character, so much so that he actually apologised for not knowing who she was.


Unfortunately, however, even celebrities aren’t exempt from the rules and the officer proceeded to hand over the ticket.

Evans managed to squeeze in her signature catchphrase by calling the cop ‘nasty’ before he went on his way but the officer stuck by his polite demeanour and told the wrestler to have a nice day.

The frustrated driver responded:

You have a terrible day, sir. Canada is terrible.


Evans is all about her celebrity status, so much so that her name on Twitter is ‘Lacey Evans ~ WWE Superstar’.

Sharing the video, she wrote:

1. Canada is terrible
2. You know Exactly who I am.
3. You will be speaking to my lawyer. #YaNasty

WWE Superstar Tries To Use Their Celebrity Status To Get Out Of Speeding TicketLacey Evans/Twitter

The wrestler obviously doesn’t hold back when it comes to using her catchphrase and she continued to insult Canada and its residents after she was contacted for an interview about her speeding ticket.

Responding to a news outlet on Twitter, Evans said they should talk to her lawyer:

Here’s an interview. He was a nasty, yall are nasties & I am already in America washing that Canadian scent of my clothes.

I wouldn’t talk to yall nasties if you paid me. Call @NatbyNature ..shes a nasty just like yall & loves to run her mouth. My lawyer will speak for me. [sic]

Some people have suspected the intense exchange was simply Evans showing commitment to her wrestling persona but when the ‘nasty’ catchphrase starts getting used in everyday situations it’s hard to tell where the Evans ends and Macey Estrella-Kadlec begins.

Either way, the police officer picked the wrong day not to be a WWE fan.

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