You Can Watch Sinitta’s Vagina Surgery On YouTube


Most people of my generation know Sinitta as everyone’s favourite X Factor guest judge (I have a feeling that does her music career a complete injustice though).

She’s often scantily clad, with my favourite of her outfits being the four banana leaves she wore when appearing as Simon’s guest on the popular talent show.

In another stunt to prolong her d-list celebrity career as long as possibile, the So Macho singer plans to publish videos of her vagina surgery on Youtube.


She’s doing a new series of documentaries, according to the Mirror, where she will be undergoing ‘everything from aesthetic surgery to vaginoplasty’.

Earlier this year, Sinitta shocked her followers by live streaming a woman getting a designer vagina live on Periscope.

The vaginal procedure is purely for cosmetic purposes and includes surgery on the labia, pelvic floor, and for vaginal tightening.