Youngest Lotto Millionaire’s New Boob Job Pictures Go Viral

by : Francesca Donovan on : 03 Nov 2016 09:54

Jane Parks is no stranger to headlines in the media, slamming her personality, her sense of humour and her personal life.


In case you missed it, Jane is the youngest Lotto millionaire in the UK, winning a cool million when she was just 17-years-old.

Obviously, the country’s media jumped at the chance to report on the attractive young lady’s luck. But since, Jane’s relationship with the press has turned a bit sour.


News outlets widely criticised a funny – if a little extreme – prank she pulled on her then boyfriend before he jetted off on a boys’ holiday to Ibiza.


Following that, the media reported the couple’s break up.

Now, a reporter has trawled through Facebook to find embarrassing pictures of Jane from a Halloween-themed photo booth at an event she attended last weekend, publishing the images of her partying with mates alongside articles that undoubtedly objectify the young woman.


The Daily Star reported:

Busty Jane Park, who netted a million quid when she was just 17, pulled her top down at a drunken Halloween party with pals.

Several pictures show the fun-loving woman laughing as she covers her massive assets with her hands at Glasgow’s Distrikt nightclub.


Jane got her breast augmentation back in 2013.

Athough she has explained her decision to get the surgery, happily saying she now ‘feels more like a woman’, apparently the enhancements have made her unwilling fodder for newspapers.


Other media outlets have also reported the ‘story’, causing Jane to respond to their sly criticisms.



Meanwhile, sympathetic people – who’ve probably taken a few drunken photos on a night out that they’ve regretted themselves – have shown their support for Jane, pointing out the hypocrisy.

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We could all learn from this cautionary tale: Even when you’re drunk and being innocently daft with friends on a night out, the media will happily take those photos and paint you in a negative light.

As much as Jane does promote herself on social media – just as most of us Gen-Y kids do – this latest bout of stories is undoubtedly a step too far.

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