Zac Efron ‘Accidentally Hits Himself In Face With Rake’ While Filming New Netflix Show

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Mar 2021 11:41
Zac Efron 'Accidentally Hits Himself In Face With Rake' While Filming New Netflix ShowZac Efron/Instagram

Zac Efron fans have commented on his acting skills after he appeared to hit himself in the face with a rake. 

Stepping on a rake and having it hit you in the face is right up there with slipping on a banana peel in terms of old-fashioned gags, but Efron brought it back when he came across one of the gardening tools while filming a new episode of his Netflix show Down To Earth. 


The series sees Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien search for healthy and sustainable ways to live, which is presumably why he appeared to be in some sort of allotment when he had a close encounter with the rake.

Check out the video below:


The video shows Efron strolling through the garden before the rake suddenly comes out of nowhere, causing Efron to throw his hand to his face and fall to the ground in what appears to be a bout of pain. Move over Sideshow Bob.


At first glance, you might just be fooled into thinking that Efron really does nail himself in the face by accident, but upon closer inspection it seems much more likely that the actor was just messing around.

The High School Musical star appears to purposefully step on the rake before throwing his hand up in an effort to stop it actually hitting him. Though his reaction is well-timed, it seems the rake never actually reaches his face, and that he was simply showing off his acting skills.

Zac Efron/InstagramZac Efron/Instagram

A number of Instagram users cottoned on to the gag, with one writing: ‘All those years of acting and this is the best we get.’


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Another wrote, sarcastically: ‘Haha wow you should be an actor.’

Efron appeared to momentarily fool a couple of people with his video as said he ‘had [them] there for a second lol’, but on the whole it seems that his effort to stop the rake from hitting him gave him away.


Perhaps Zac would have had more luck gaining praise from his fans if he’d committed more to the bit and simply allowed the rake to hit him, but when you know you’re going to have your face on screen for millions of people to see, you probably want to avoid having a huge red mark down the middle of it.


Still, the video has racked up millions of likes, and will no doubt encourage people to watch Down To Earth to see what other antics Zac Efron gets up to during his search for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Zac Efron/Instagram
  1. Zac Efron/Instagram