Guy F*cks Up By Unwittingly Pranking Mate In Most Terrifying Way Possible


When guys get competitive with each other, it’s easy for things to quickly escalate out of hand  – especially when pranking.

This could be the deepest, most intense prank that has ever been pulled. To say it is devious and inspired is an understatement, the downside is that it could well have ruined at least one friendship. Brought to us by the awesomeness that is the ‘Today I Fucked Up’ (TIFU) Reddit thread, this is a tale of taking pranking to the extreme and then having to deal with the consequences.

I think it’s best if we hand over to Redditor PlungingAnticline to guide us through this one – who needs f(r)iends like these?

I should introduce the two deviant bastards I call friends. ‘Gérard’, is from a well off family and kind of a dick and ‘Edmond’ is a bit more reserved and busts his ass working at the county morgue.

Gérard started becoming a little too aggressive with pulling one over on Edmond and it became painfully obvious that things were getting a little too mean spirited. After work one day Edmond and I are drinking bourbon at my house and he tells me that he is sick of Gérard’s shit. He then lays out his devious plan to put him in his place and I agreed to assist.

A few weeks later, the three of us are at a bar and this beautiful blonde comes over and starts falling all over Gérard. Unbeknownst to him, it is actually a cousin of Edmond who had been enlisted to the plot. She eggs him on to drink until the bar kicks us out. Already planning to stay at Gérard’s place due to its close proximity we get back and keep him drinking. At this point he is blackout drunk and it doesn’t take long for him to pass out with his head in the toilet. We move the victim into his bed and get to work.

Edmond and his cousin begin applying makeup to her. First, they take her down to her underwear and then apply a very pale foundation to her entire body. Edmond places a fake neck wound from a costume store on her neck. Next, Edmond brings in a cooler with several pints of REAL FUCKING BLOOD.

Edmond’s cousin then crept into Gérard’s room and laid in his bed. Edmond then cut open the blood bags and covered Gérard, the girl, and a kitchen knife. Suddenly, Edmond cries out “Gérard! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE!” I rush into the room on cue to grab Gérard (no reason to give him too much time to contemplate the situation) and usher him into the living room.  Edmond comes out of the bedroom to tell Gérard that the girl is dead. The hysterics coming from our ‘murderer’ are endless. Masterfully, Edmond pretends to deeply contemplate the poor man’s pleas and then says “I can take care of this for you, but you have to commit to it. Never say a word about this to anyone. Ever!” I escort Gérard to the shower, take his clothes and tell him to clean all traces of blood from himself. Edmond and I then go inside of the bedroom and wrap his cousin in a blanket, pick up the girl and carry her to the bed of my pickup truck (with a cover) outside.

The following weeks were not good for Gérard. The three of us hung out still, but no longer did we go out and Gérard constantly checked the news for a missing person or a body turning up somewhere. Fast forward to last Saturday evening with the three of us sitting in Gérard’s living room. After finishing a beer, Gérard stood up and turned to get another from the kitchen at the other end of the house where a pair of glass doors lead out to the back deck. Standing on the deck was none other than Edmond’s cousin, blood stained with a cheap faux neck wound staring back at him.

Instantly, the haunted victim began pointing and screaming to which Edmond and I started uncontrollably laughing. Gérard was too terrified to notice our reaction for several minutes as he continued his hysterical response curled up on the floor.

At this point the game was finished. We let the would be spectre into the house and explained the masterfully laid prank on our friend. Instantly, the fear turned to rage and he threatened to kill us as he ran the three of us out of his house. Neither Edmond or I have been able to get Gérard to talk to us since.

True dedication to the pranking cause guys, he’ll get over it, maybe…