Man Who ‘Died 30 Times’ Explains What Happens When You Die

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Think you’re a big dog because you once drank 20 pints on a night out, or ate a plate of chicken wings doused in Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Sauce? You’re nothing compared to this geezer who managed to survive a heart attack despite dying 30 times.

Yep, you read that right. Valiant Mkhitar Tariyeva, from Moscow, Russia, was rushed to hospital and into intensive care after suffering a cardiac arrest.

By the time the 55-year-old got there, he was already in a coma. For the next half-an-hour, medical officials worked tirelessly on Mkhitar, later revealing that he was considered clinically dead on a whopping 30 occasions – a potential record.

Mkhitar spoke to Russian news page Mash, describing the ordeal.

Man Who Died 30 Times Explains What Happens When You Die mashMash

According to the Daily Star, he said:

In a dream I wanted to go somewhere but someone shook my hand and said it’s not time yet.

I consider my doctors to be like my parents because they have me a second life. This is a miracle!

You can say that again, mate. I doubt any of us could come out on the other side of something so savage. Last week, I had a few roulette Doritos and that almost coated me off!