Paris Jackson Responds Perfectly To Trolls Who Claim She’s ‘Put On Weight’

by : Francesca Donovan on : 04 Apr 2017 09:27

Apparently we still live in a world where a woman’s weight warrants comment and reflection – and Paris Jackson is having none of it.


Paris Jackson, the youngest daughter of the late pop icon, is stepping out of her father’s shadow to campaign for human rights and equality – and tackle internet trolls along the way.

Jackson, 19, received a tweet from the aptly named handle @HmmmmGood stating she’d ‘put on weight’ – because apparently there’s no shame in shaming a teenager’s appearance if you’re doing it from behind a computer screen.

Her response? Simply put, Paris replied: ‘fuck yeah i have’.


Rather than feel the need to defend her body and its perfectly natural weight fluctuations, Paris just called out the body shamer publicly and let them know she doesn’t need the approval of a mean troll.

Paris has had her fair share of experience with keyboard warriors.

Her pinned tweet is her response to @mcdonald2009 – whose views seems to be stuck in the same year as his handle – who said, ‘Opinions aside I don’t think your dad would have approved the way you disrespect the @POTUS little girl. #EarnRespect’

Yet again, Paris refused to be dragged down into petty name-calling and brought the debate back to the real issues…

Paris isn’t social media shy by any stretch of the imagination, and she marks a new generation of young, talented women who aren’t afraid to engage with and call out their naysayers.

Her no-tolerance attitude towards injustice is so refreshing and it seems she’s come a long way since her formative teenage years, which were riddles with ‘self-doubt’.


Take a bow, Paris.

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