Uber Driver Furious After Catching Girls ‘In The Act’ On Camera

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Viral Hog

A scantily clad woman was caught red-handed on a dash cam as she rifled through an Uber driver’s tip jar.

The driver had been dropping a trio of friends of in New York City, when the young woman – wearing a lacy black bra and skirt – slipped her hand into the tip jar.

At first she appears to have a change of heart, sliding her fingers out again. However, in a shameless act of theft, she proceeds to plunge her hand into the tip jar once more, pilfering a fistful of cash.

Watch the broad-daylight robbery below:

The deceitful act was carried out mere seconds before she legged it out of the vehicle, just as the passenger to her right was opening the door.


It is only after the friends exited the vehicle and dashed across the busy street the driver realises something is up. His tip jar - which had been full before - was now completely empty.

Viral Hog
Viral Hog

The driver reported the incident to Uber, only to receive the following inadequate response:

We understand your frustration with this experience. We’ve attempted to contact the rider by phone and email, but haven’t been able to resolve this issue.

The rider responded to us and advised us that she didn't steal your cash from the tip jar.

If you believe the rider has your cash as captured from your dash cam and is refusing to return it, you may want to initiate a formal investigation via the police.

However, the driver was much too busy with work to begin filing a police report.

According to The Daily Mail, Uber have said they have since been in touch with the driver to offer support.

Viral Hog

The woman in the bra has now had her Uber account deactivated, and has been barred from using the service.


An Uber spokesperson told The Daily Mail:

What’s been shown has no place on our app and the rider’s access to the app has been removed,

People are understandably angry about the incident, and the footage has since gone viral.

One person on Reddit described the crime as 'a special kind of low'.

Another noted: 'From an Uber driver too, they have to work hard to earn a living'.


Others expressed shock at how she appeared to be staring straight into the camera while committing the brazen crime.


One former taxi driver shared their personal experience of being mistreated by passengers:

I drove taxi for a while and you'd be surprised how violent and petty people will be over $10.

I've been spit on, punched, called all kinds of names simply for asking for the money owed to me on the meter.

I can totally see them stealing tips without a second thought.


This is not on at all...