Dynamo F*cks Up Trick On Live TV In Awkward Video



Last night, Dynamo proved that magic isn’t always so magical. And in the philosophical words of the Chuckle Brothers, ‘oh dear oh dear’.

During a live showing of Dynamo at the O2 Arena in London, one helluva cock up took centre stage and drove the mind boggling magician from Bradford into a state of raw awkwardness.

Starting like any other trick, Dynamo invited a boy and girl up from the audience to become his two volunteers. He then proceeded to take the lad’s phone and seemingly push it into a solid glass bottle.


The volunteer, called Tom, looks absolutely baffled, but as things seem to be going just a little too well for Dynamo, shit turns sour as he turns to his other volunteer from the audience and asks her to call Tom’s phone.

It’s not hard to guess what happened. The phone didn’t ring, or vibrate, or anything.

The cringe is unreal – and as Dynamo begs members of the audience to ring Toms phone to get the bastard to ring, the cringe only stifles higher.


The illusionist added:

Is it ringing? Someone call his phone. Maybe his battery died last minute. Well, believe me that is Tom’s phone in this bottle.

The trickster did not seem too pleased after the ordeal.

And as his show was going out on live TV, it did not go unnoticed by those watching at home.

Unlucky Dynamo…