£750 Fur-Trimmed Coat Looks Like A Vagina

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Fashion trends in 2018 range from the tediously dull, to the, quite frankly bizarre, to the simply outrageous.

Setting a new bar when it comes to the ridiculous is Italian luxury fashion house Fendi, and their newest addition to the collection, the ‘touch of fur shawl’.

After one glimpse at the item of clothing though, we all know it really should be called the ‘touch of vagina shawl’ as it looks just like one.

If you think I’m joking, check it out here:

fendi touch of fur shawlFendi/Farfetch

Yes, ok, maybe I’m being a tad immature, but I just can’t help but see the resemblance to a vagina, complete with a lovely set of labia, and some pubic hair, when I look at the photo.

And this image is meant to be selling the shawl!

Currently being sold on Farfetch, you can pick up the Fendi shawl for the pricey cost of £750. But hey, it’s an unique item and the cost also includes VAT, so you could say you’ve grabbed a bargain.

That’s just the cost of fashion dahling!

Made from 100 per cent fox fur, 40 per cent wool and 60 per cent silk, Fendi describes the item as follows:

Fendi are famous for their delicate foulards and outfit accenting scarves. Expect to see delicately monogrammed print work and rich colourways.

Crafted from fox fur and a silk-wool blend, this Touch Of Fur shawl features a fur trim and a signature FF motif design.

Made in Italy.

Luckily the website offers free returns – great if you end up feeling like the item isn’t exactly for you.

To be honest, if it didn’t look so much like a vagina it would probably be a nice addition to your wardrobe for the autumnal season, if you can afford it.

It’s also available in blue and hot pink if you like the shawl but want to avoid looking like a walking vulva:

fendi touch of fur shawlFendi/Farfetch

People on Twitter have also been pointing out the likeness, unsure what exactly Fendi were thinking when they designed the shawl.

Sharon’s tweet summed up our feelings:

Omfg… it’s rather, ermmmm .. [sic]

A user known as Mr David thought it just wasn’t worth the money:

£750 to look like a vagina… think I’ll give it a miss thanks Fendi. [sic]

Vaginas seem to be in this year in the fashion world, as ASOS released a dress in April which also had similarities, notably in a less subtle way to the Fendi shawl.

What they describe as a ‘fluro two tone pink origami bow midi bodycon dress’ looks more to us like genitals but then again, maybe it’s just our dirty minds?

What do you think:

asos vagina dressASOS

To be fair, an ASOS-dedicated Instagram page spotted the likeness first writing:

To celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ as a Smarties Easter egg here is a dress that looks like a vagina.


If you want to save money but fancy rocking the vagina look this year, maybe just buy a skin-tone scarf or dress and the look will be complete with either an added bow or fur?


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