Another Disturbing Chinese Note Has Been ‘Found In Primark Socks’

by : UNILAD on : 21 Dec 2015 11:47
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Another Primark shopper has discovered a disturbing note, claiming to be from a Chinese torture victim in a pair of socks…

Shahkiel Akbar, 25, was understandably shocked after seeing the letter in a pair of budget, black cotton socks from the retailer’s Metrocentre store in Newcastle.


Shahkiel became alarmed when he translated the note into English and found what appeared to be a desperate cry for help.


This isn’t the first either, but Primark retain their innocence and believe he is just the latest in a line of customers to get swept up in an elaborate hoax.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Shahkiel explained how he discovered the letter two weeks after he purchased the socks. He said: “I was really shocked. I do feel responsible now I have found this. I just thought I need to shout it out.”


The lad found an app on his phone which him allowed him snap a pic of the words, which would then translate them into English.

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He continued:

It was an SOS from a 39-year-old man living in China. From the words I could translate you could see he was distressed. It seemed like he was risking a lot to try and get a message out. He said he had endured physical and psychological abuse and that he was forced to make these socks. It felt like a real burden to me.


Shahkiel is definitely not the first Primark customer to find a bizarre Chinese note hidden in his socks. The company recently received further reports from another customer in Huddersfield who bought socks for her dad.

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Only a couple of weeks ago, another Chinese letter went viral, telling the story of Ting Kun Ding who was begging for help. He allegedly attempted to report corrupt government officials, but was then imprisoned himself for ‘blackmail’.

However, a Primark spokesman says the retailer believes its products are being hijacked by someone trying to gain publicity, and the letter has nothing to do with its staff or suppliers.


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With this becoming more commonplace it’s difficult to know who to believe… but it’s terrifying nonetheless.

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