ASDA Selling Harry Potter Costumes For Halloween And They’re Super Cheap


Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Are you a fan of Halloween? Wanna put two and two together and drink a crate of Carling at a house party dressed as a spooky Dumbledore? Jackpot!

You’re in luck guys, ’cause ASDA have released their own range of Potter clobber just in time for October 31st.

For some pretty reasonable prices, you can take a pick of your favourite wizarding character, from Harry himself to stroppy Professor McGonogall.

Take a look at these:


You might be thinking, ‘What’s with all the adult sized costumes? What about the kids?’

Do not worry. The range obviously extends to the young ones, too.


The info on the website reads:

Is your little wizard-wannabe cunning, ambitious and ready to use any means to achieve their ends? Then skip the sorting hat and don’t wait for Hogwarts to come calling – you know they’ll be in a Slytherin uniform before long.

These Harry Potter robes come with a traditional pointed hood, green lining and an authentic serpent crest. with the included wand, a scarf in house colours and a bookmark for their copy of Moste Potente Potions, they might well be mistaken for Lord Voldemort’s youngest Protege, Draco Malfoy.

Wingardium gimme-some-of-those-robes-a!