ASOS ‘Extreme Skirt’ Causes Huge Backlash


Online fashion and beauty store ASOS is known for its quirky and on-trend designs.

The online retailer has previously confused shoppers with a number of items on the site – maybe it’s just me but I’ve never purchased a pair of ‘open-backed jeans’.

Similarly, I’ve never felt compelled to purchase a ‘unicorn jock strap’, not for me or anyone else I know. Not now, not ever!


Well now they’ve done it again – this time in the form of a barely-there skirt.

It brings a whole new level to the word ‘mini’!

The clothing item has been put together by Jaded London – a brand who say they’re inspired by ‘global street-style from East London to LA and New York.


Somehow, I don’t think it’s the fact I’ve got older which has caused me to gasp at the site of this piece of clothing!

I’m pretty confident if you happened to stroll past someone wearing the bottom-bearing garment, you’d be shocked to the point you’d do a double-take.

Parents across the country will definitely be screeching: ‘you’re not going out dressed like that’ if they catch sight of you in it!


The £48 skirt – which, to be honest, I don’t know why it costs so much when there’s so little material – is said to have a low-rise fit.

I’m guessing the ‘low-rise’ bit is in order to help you pull it over your bottom as nothing else will!

It’s the same thickness as some large belts – is it just me who instantly thinks of the words ‘wardrobe’ and ‘malfunction’?

Now, if you happen to have a figure like the model on the site, you should be okay, as her modesty is literally, just about, protected.

If not – well I hope you’re comfortable with showing a lot more skin than usual!

I don’t know why, but it’s making me think of Jodie Marsh circa the Noughties…

As you may have guessed, customers have taken to social media in their droves to question what exactly the store was thinking when they launched the mini skirt:

If you’re thinking of purchasing this skirt, I hope you plan on wrapping up the rest of you!

Without sounding like my nan, you’ll catch your death going out like that!