ASOS Is Now Selling ‘Very Revealing’ Crotchless Jeans


Have you seen the new ASOS crotchless jeans? Let’s have a look at the new ASOS crotchless jeans.

First of all, when I say crotchless jeans, these are genuinely without crotch cover. We’re not talking about casual holes or anything.

These are jeans cut in half at the crotch and then hooked together with a chain and hoop. That’s it.

Have a gander:


And now we’re all talking about it, we realise what marketing experts ASOS are. Social media users, for example, are having a field day with the things.

The jeans will set you back £75, which forgive me, is pretty unacceptable for jeans that are cut in half.

The chaps, short for the Spanish word chaperreras, are handwash only, not that anyone would probably dare take a pair of these to the dry cleaners.


Some have stuck up for the item, calling them a blessing in disguise.

One wrote:

I hope people buy them and wear them. I hope I see it on the street. It’ll brighten my day with a good laugh. Everybody needs to realize that wacky and bad fashion on other people is a blessing in disguise– enjoy the entertainment and the difference between us.

Another added:

There are some out there who will buy them if they’re deemed to be fashionable by the manufacturers propaganda no matter what they cost, just look at ripped & ‘distressed’ jean wearers, I’ll look out for them in the spring.

One disagreed:

I would have thought by now people would have brains by now as they pay through the nose for this material and its cheaper to buy a normal pair of jeans than just a few spare bits of scrap pieces saying its a pair of jeans lol.

It seems no more than a few months can’t pass without ASOS dropping some barely there sartorial numbers. In October they released an ‘extreme skirt’, which got a bit of flak on Twitter.


I guess you can’t please everyone. Personally speaking, I love the jeans. Gonna get myself a pair on payday. Watch this space.