ASOS’ New See-Through Trousers Compared To Cling Film

by : UNILAD on : 10 Feb 2019 18:44
see through trouserssee through trousersFlounce London/ASOS

Shoppers have been left baffled by ASOS’ latest product – a pair of completely see-through combat trousers.


While see-through clothing isn’t exactly a new trend, ASOS really have taken it to a whole new level with these bizarre trousers.

Flounce London’s ‘sheer organza combat trousers in white’ will set you back £40, which seems a lot considering they’re clear.

see-through trouserssee-through trousersFlounce London/ASOS

The product description says the trousers are perfect for those days which ‘call for a little extra’. I imagine the ‘extra’ is referring to all that skin you’ll be showing off.


It continues:

Smooth, crisp organza. Wafer-thin and sheer as you like.

High-rise waist. Tie waist. Cargo pockets. Fitted cuffs. Regular fit. True to size. 100% Polyester.

The trousers are available in sizes four to 16, none of which are currently, at the time of writing (February 10), sold out.

People do love to buy bizarre items though so I think they’ll start flying from the shelves soon.

Fashion fans on Twitter are mostly unimpressed by the trousers, unsure why anyone would buy them.

One person shared an image of the product tweeting:

I love ASOS but why on earth would you wear that.


Another user ‘Connor Kirkby’, replied to her tweet saying what I’ve been thinking; ‘might as well wear cling film’.

This isn’t the first time ASOS has left people scratching their heads at their products.

Last year the company released a crop top for men, something a lot of guys just couldn’t wrap their heads around.

Tweeter ‘Darren’ wrote:

ASOS are having a laugh surely. That’s no a crop top, that’s the rejected sweat shop vests. I can’t even.

ASOS have also previously released a swimsuit which couldn’t be worn in water, crotchless trousers and an extremely short mini skirt.

I wonder what’ll be next…

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