ASOS Selling Men’s Crop Tops And Nobody Knows What To Think

by : UNILAD on : 22 Aug 2018 09:31
ASOS male crop topASOS male crop topASOS

What’s hot and what’s not in fashion is subjective, don’t let anyone – not even me – tell you something’s rubbish.

But opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one and (if Donald Trump’s presidency has taught us anything) you can’t deny anyone of having an opinion. And in my opinion, ASOS’ latest range of crop tops for men are the absolute WORST!

Look, I’m all for experimenting and trying out new things, but in the words of Simon Cowell on X-Factor these male-specific crop tops get a ‘no from me’.


This bold new fashion entry rivals the much-derided male romper *shudders* in absolute cringe. I think the only clientele would be American frat bros who love Abercrombie & Fitch, they’d claim to wear it ironically. But secretly they’d like it.

Again this is just my opinion, what someone chooses to wear is totally their prerogative and they should be comfortable to wear what they like. It seems the opinions on the crop top are divided, some are totally for it, while others can’t seem to wrap their heads around why a bloke would want to buy it.


According to ASOS’ customer service Twitter account, back in October of last year, they were ‘aware we don’t currently have a men’s crop top’.


It took them a year but ASOS have pulled the trigger and said ‘you know what crop tops for everyone!’. Did it take a whole year to find a way to cut off the bottom half of a vest? If so I really worry about their design team.

So other than college frat bros who would be daring enough to wear one of these things? I couldn’t picture myself in it, but not for the reason you think. While I do consider myself a very fit and active person, I don’t have the lower-half aesthetics to pull it off. Maybe The Rock?

I’ll tell you one person who can pull off the look, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Now before you jump to conclusions the former PSG frontman was actually wearing a heart a monitor. Furthermore, he isn’t the only high profile footballer spotted wearing it, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi has been pictured wearing the fancy sports equipment tool.

But back to ASOS’ fancy crop top. The design has been described as ‘extreme cropped length’, which you really shouldn’t rock this coming winter.

This may not be the strangest fashion trend of 2018 but it’s definitely up there.

If you are interested in buying one these (why?) you can buy them from the ASOS website for £10.


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